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Exploring the Repertoire

• The Sor Project: Opus 44 bis

Fundamentals of Expressive Playing

• The Value of Musical Analysis
• Note Grouping: An Introduction
• “Boring Music”

Memorizing Music

• Backwards Memorization: A Lively Debate

Technique & Musicianship

• Learning Tremolo
• 3/4 and 6/8: What’s the Difference?

Guitar History

• Did Sor and Aguado use rest stroke?
A closer look at Matanya Ophee’s 1982 article:
“The History of Apoyando”

Of General Interest

• Speedy’s Fugue (with my apology to J. S Bach)
• From Beginner to Composer: A Student’s Opus 1
• Recommended Guitar Recordings
• Home Recording for the Financially Impaired

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